GreenPower Motor (TSX:GPV.V) – Nov 4, 2015


Full Report: GreenPower Motor GPV.V Research Report by Dave Hammond 11-04-2015

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. (TSX:GPV.V, OTCMKTS:GPVRF)

Commercializing a New Line-up of All-Electric Plug-in Long-Range Transit & School Buses in N.America

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. is a Vancouver, Canada, based public company (TSX:GPV.V, OTCMKTS:GPVRF; “GPV”), that was founded in 2010 and commenced sales and marketing activities in 2014. GPV is now marketing a new line of zero emission All-Electric Plug-in (“AEP”) heavy duty long-range transit and school buses in North America. Admittedly, we’re early days but intrigued by the large market potential and recent developments suggesting meaningful sales are imminent. In the past several weeks we’re seeing relative rapid fire of GPV updates, mainly to the effect of assembling a strong network of dealer/factory/sales reps across the USA, and the first LOI for 20 All-Electric School Buses. Momentum appears to be building, and we believe this is merely the first inning of what is likely to play-out over the coming 3 to 5+ years.